Linux (x86) Exploit Development Series

Amazing tutorials for linux exploit development!


First of all I would like to thank phrack articles, its author and other security researchers for teaching me about different exploit techniques, without whom none of the posts would have been possible!! I firmly believe that always original reference articles are the best place to learn stuffs. But at times we may struggle to understand it because it may be not be linear and it may be outdated too. So to the best of my efforts, here I have just simplified and conglomerated different exploit techniques under one roof, inorder to provide a complete understanding about linux exploit development to beginners!! Any questions, corrections and feedbacks are most welcomed!! Now buckle up, lets get started!! I have divided this tutorial series in to three levels:

Level 1: Basic Vulnerabilities

In this level I will introduce basic vulnerability classes and also lets travel back in time, to learn how linux exploit development was carried back…

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